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[sticky post] Nov. 14th, 2012

 JumpLJ Scanlation Corner:
Our Community/Forums: weeklyjump.livejournal.com
IRC: http://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=jump-lj&uio=d4
P.S. for people who're sending the application, make sure your privacy setting allows our group to send messages.

[Scanlations Status]
Scanlations Status:

Hungry Joker: On-going
Biorg Trinity: On-going
Destro 246 : Planned - Manga is by Jormungand's author, Takahashi Keitarou
Mieru Hito: Planned - Manga is by Psyren's author, Toshiaki Iwashiro 
Nisekoi: On-hold

More project will be added to list when raws, translators and more staff are available.

New series suggestions (in this order):
- Make a suggestion about a series to be scanlated (Add a reason for wanting this scanlated).
- A translator volunteer /OR/ Must have translations on the internet.
- People vote in the main journal if they're interested in reading the series (it's like someone suggesting Kochikame, and then nobody wanna read it)
- Cleaner/Typesetter gathering.
- After gathering people, the project gets official.

Suggestion Priority:

TOP Priority:
- Jump series
- Ongoing series
- Series without scanlators (exception: The other scanlators isn't that good).

Middle Priority:
- Series that ended but the scanlators dropped.
- Gap filling (rare, but may be done) - When there is a hole between new releases, old releases.
- Series with slow scanlators.

[Help Wanted]
We are currently recruiting for the following projects:
Ongoing: Hungry Joker, Biorg Trinity
Planned: Destro 246, Mieru Hito, A-Bout!

Biorg Trinity

Hungry Joker


Miura Hito

Destro 246

We're also looking for Translators and RAW providers.

Where and how to apply
Send me a PM with
Subject: " Cleaning Application"

Information to include:
Age/Age group(10-15, 15-17, 18+)
Times available per week
Past experience (If you have any, it doesn't really matter that much)
Which Project(s) you'd like to help us with

When I receive your message I'll then proceed to send you the test
When  please you have finished include the test completed in .zip form and then I'll get back to you
Please provide us with an e-mail address as you will receive the test this way.
P.S: Make sure to deactivate any privacy settings that doesn't allow me to send you messages. Because I can't contact you if those privacy settings are activated.

The different positions: (Explanations)

Translator( all translators must have a good level in English and Japanese):changing the text from Japanese to English
Redrawer:Where the author put text above art, hide the text so that only the art is visible, also link 2 pages spreads to make it look  natural
Cleaner/Editor: removing the text, leveling, and doing the black so the pages look good
Typesetter: for those who don't know it means putting the text in the bubble and sometimes above the art.
We're also recruiting proofreaders (must be fluent in English, as you will be checking the mistakes and the flow of a translation) and QC'ers (only people who have a lot of experience in scanlations as you will be responsible for seeing if the text is well put into the bubble and the eventual cleaning mistakes as well and exporting the PSD's to upload them on a reader).
Finally the raw provider (usually lives in Japan): able to bring volume copies to the team for some project.

Software requirements :

Adobe Photoshop + Topaz Clean and Topaz Denoise (for cleaners)
Dropbox to share folders

Tutorials can be found at:
http://senbonzakura.kageyoshi.net/ and here http://www.mediafire.com/?4gorg2o103cr6c5

Biorg Trinity Ch.1

The first chapter of Oh! Great's (artist) and Maijou Outarou's (author) new manga, Biorg Trinity.
The series is serialized in Ultra Jump, a monthly magazine.

"Biorg Trinity follows Fujii, a 2nd year high school student who is in love with Enomoto Fumiho. He lives in a world where people are touched by a rare "illness" called the Biorg·Bug. One day Fujii catches the bug which makes holes in the shape of hearts on his hands. What will happen to him now? Will he succeed with his relationship with Enomoto Fumiho?"

And, here's the chapter:


Enjoy. ^^

Hungry Joker Chapter 04

Here is the 4th chapter of Hungry Joker, a very late release I know, we apologize for that, but we're actually busy with real-life stuff, exams, projects, presentations, and things like that.

Another thing, we're looking for RAW providers for Hungry Joker, I (Crand) had trouble with this chapter's RAWs, the double-spread namely (too much was cut that I couldn't attach it), so if anyone is able to provide us with RAWs then we'd be thankful.

Anyway, here'is the 4th Hungry Joker chapter:


Hungry Joker Chapter 02

Here is the lastest chapter from the Hungry Joker series. Chapter 02. I (Vince) made the translation myself this time :) thanks to crand for the cleaning, Renan for the typesetting and tahu for the proofreading



If you want to chat about manga, have request or just want to discuss our releases just go to this page here: http://weeklyjump.livejournal.com/



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